Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the mission of the The Freedom Library. They are all respected members of the community, serving in different capacities. If you are interested in joining and supporting the fight to keep America free, please e-mail Howard J Blitz.

Howard J. Blitz                     Founder /Director

1936 W. 15th Place                  Yuma, Arizona   85364

Date Taking Office:   01-26-199  6

928-783-2888928-783-2888 H    928-246-2327928-246-2327 C




Joe P. Melchionne                         Retired Meteorological Technician

             13477 E. 44th Drive         Yuma, Arizona   85367

Date Taking Office:  07-01-1998

928-502-1049928-502-1049928-342-5614928-342-5614 H


Bobby Scarborough                        Self-Employed

  3325 S. 14th Avenue                       Yuma, Arizona   85365                      

Date Taking Office:  10-11-2013

928-344-4164928-344-4164928-210-2325928-210-2325 C

Nancy Tucker                                 Capstone Business Communications

11279 S. Glenwood Ave #21       Yuma, Arizona   85367

Date Taking Office:  05-12-2014

928-373-2784 C


James Coil                                     Municipal Judge – City of Yuma

3528 W. 12th Place                 Yuma, Arizona   85364

Date Taking Office:  11-05-2007

928-580-3504928-580-3504 C


John Minore                                  Attorney

  340 W. 5th Street                         Yuma, Arizona   85364

Date taking Office:  04-21-2004

928-246-5211928-246-5211 C


Rita Megui                                      ServiceMaster Restore – Bus Dev Director

     2875 S. Kyla Avenue                    Yuma, Arizona   85365                      

Date Taking Office:  08-11-2014

928-276-9400928-276-9400928-750-2532928-750-2532 C

Lori McKenna                                 Business Owner

   13169 S. 4 ½ E                            Yuma, AZ   85365

Date Taking Office:  08-04-2008

928-920-3113928-920-3113 C

Jim Conlee                                       Retired

26596 E. County 11 ½ Street         Wellton, Arizona  85356

Date Taking Office:  12-03-2012

928-246-8516928-246-8516 C


The Mission: To promote an understanding and acceptance of the Freedom Philosophy and the principles of liberty as expounded in The Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution, including the concepts of free markets, private property and limited government and the moral and intellectual principles which form the basis of a free society.