How to Make a Difference

Step 1:  Education
Educate yourself on Economics and the U.S. Constitution by completing the classes offered by The Freedom Library Education and Scholarship Program whether or not you would like to give yourself an opportunity to earn a scholarship.  Educating yourself will prepare you to face the world of tomorrow in a better manner.
Step 2:  Volunteer
The Freedom Library needs volunteers to help with book inventory, Liberty events setup/promotion, and class administration.
Step 3:  Contributions
Make a monetary contribution to keep The Freedom Library and its Education and Scholarship Program viable in teaching economics and the U.S. Constitution to continue to help all those interested to learn the principles of Liberty and how a free society makes for a more peaceful world.
You can make a difference in Yuma by educating yourself, volunteering, and making a contribution to The Freedom Library of Yuma, Arizona. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below.