#Giving Tuesday through Razoo



Please click on the above link next Tuesday to help The Freedom Library help others understand the principles of liberty as outlined in the United States Constitution.

By contributing to The Freedom Library Education and Scholarship Program you provide the needed funds to award scholarships to The Freedom Library class participants so that they can expand their knowledge in ideas on liberty.

Classes begin January 12 and 14, 2016 for the U.S. Constitution class and Economics class, respectively.  Anyone age 14 and older is welcome to attend the classes free of charge with only a $30 refundable deposit for the text.

All contributions go to fund the scholarships so that individuals can attend summer seminars put on by various organizations that help individuals learn more about individual liberty

Go to www.freedomlibrary.org for all information about the scholarship classes.

But most of all click on the link above next Tuesday to contribute to help others learn.